Internet as a new tool for Graphic Designer

Before designing and people hardly had a chance to see more things to feed your creativity so you can do a better job. On the Internet we can see an endless number of things that can help us create new things and are so to speak that are in vogue, we can see that things are developing others who are using techniques and this helps us more clearly what we want to represent in our work. While we do not always like things as they are on the Internet because if so we would be making a bad use of this tool, because we as designers we need new ideas, be creative and do innovative things, see things on the Internet only to take ideas and create things not to copy, because otherwise stagnate our creativity and not do something original themselves. The Internet has come to contribute greatly to the designers, because we can interact eg blogs, expressing our designs so we can get feedback from our designs and also see the designs of others. We can also see tutorials on how to do some effects on the various programs we design and are of great utility. Every day, people are more connected and making extensive use of the Internet, both businesses and personal lives of the people are being expressed by the web, which makes us see what is happening in the world today is very important to note I think, and so we are able to see the trends around us, get ideas. On the Internet at our disposal a number of things that are helpful to our process of creation, for example sites where you can download fonts, images that are public with good resolution. We are also easier to find all types of information that we as designers do before you create something, for example if we create a logo of a company and do not know or do not know the theme to what they do since before we were referred to books and took over the search, the Internet is not the case, everything is easier and faster because we can find the information you want. Everything is based on to give you a good use to the Internet. Also, the Internet can be a way we work by designers, and we can work freelance, no need to go to an office or meet strict schedules of work. You can download applications such as brushes designed programs such as PhotoShop, Illustrator or Corel Draw to name a few. We can interact online with colleagues, for example if we are doing work together we can be real-time communication and work at any time of day, send each other to discuss what progress we have made so far and it saves us the time of transfer to a rallying point, it saves us money and we do online from our house. We live in a changing world of technology and as designers we must be part of the isolated but rather take advantage of this tool is the Internet, interact, provide feedback and help it stand out in millions of people around the world, study the most of what we are interested in Internet, investigating techniques, new applications, new programs, all we can to help us investigate for future work, the Internet is vast and we can explore variety of topics related to design, as I said before download productive things we ever will, for example if you see we have made a Corporate Image Manual, we felt the need to create packaging templates, templates shirts, stationery templates even vectorized lines of cars, all this can downloaded from the web and saves us a lot of time, as you can see there are several ways to make good use of the Internet and is a very good tool in our lives as designers we are. And I think we should not only confine ourselves only what is graphic design but do serve things that are related to me in particular catches my eye the animation, 3D design time is short because I do not have time to attend courses , then I do is see online material about these issues and is a way to take advantage the Internet because I can not attend courses by the time I see tutorials and techniques for making animation and 3D design and this I when will then go to take formal classes able to develop a better way in the other linked to the design field, and go with my mind more clear and possibly doubt that I take off, the world is large and competitive the more things we can learn and make will have a very good future and live better today.


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